Chelsey tells all: Color Correction

When clients call in needing color correction, #TeamTangles stylist Chelsey is the FIRST person we match them with. Chelsey knows all when it comes to color correction, and we feature her on the blog this month!

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Color correction is my favorite! It’s one of the few things in hair that I can be 100% up front and honest with my clients about - and nobody will argue with me!

There are 3 different types of color correction. First is the "I accidentally did this at home with non salon quality color and I’ve messed up and I need my hair back to normal in 10 minutes for under $100!" The 2nd is "I’ve been coloring my hair super dark in the salon for years and I woke up today with the new goal to be a blonde bombshell." And the 3rd kind of color correction is bringing my clients from colored hair to their natural all-over grey color.

ALL of these types of color correction are possible - except the 10 minutes for under $100. I tell my guests to be aware that it’s NOT going to be back to their desired color after the first appointment or look anything like the Pinterest pictures they have saved. It’s just not possible and definitely not realistic! It will all have to be done in stages to protect the integrity of their hair.


Step 1: Hair History

The first step is to have a very thorough consultation which goes over these main points:

  • When did you last get your hair done or when did YOU last do your hair?

  • What was used? Explain to me if the hair was lightened or darkened and if it was semi or permanent.

  • What brand did they use or did you use (side note: you cannot color hair that has been colored with henna, so in that case, I have to explain that if they put any kind of color on their hair it will react to the ingredients in the henna stain and fry their hair off!)?


Step 2: What is your end goal?

Once I’ve seen a picture of a desired result, I help them to analyze and break down what is being shown, we can determine if it is a realistic goal. For example: if they show me a platinum blonde picture with wavy beach curls and their hair is black with natural frizz (and they don't like to do much styling), I have to explain why we realistically can’t do it and show them a picture that somewhat resembles their hair type and texture. 


Step 3: Build a Plan!

After everything’s been broken down visually we go over timing. I make sure we’re on the same page with how long a guest could possibly be in my chair for each visit. It may be longer than you think! Then, we go over in-salon treatments from Redken or Pureology that are NON NEGOTIABLE and at-home products to use that are a must or else I will not do the service. In any color correction, there is a large risk of major hair damage, and without product to assist in protecting the hair the damage could be severe.

Last but not least is the BIG question of money. This is calculated at an hourly rate. All stylists do it differently at Tangles Salon depending on their level. Ph bonder and treatments are not included in an hourly price but usually are mandatory so that is added as well. I will do my best to provide a thorough estimate of cost for the entire color correction.

After cost and goals are agreed to, I ask clients to sign a color contract with EVERYTHING noted to make sure we’re on the same page - and then we begin the process by scheduling the appropriate appointments. 


Step 4: Execute the Plan: Get the color corrected!

After the color contract is agreed to, we will set the appointments in my calendar. I take into account hair recovery time between appointments, and therefore it can take up to 5 appointments to fully execute the correction. 


Color transformations are some of my favorite projects and I would love the chance to transform your hair! Give our front desk team a call to schedule a consultation!

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