What's the deal with Extensions?

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Taylor Brantley

Taylor is all-knowing when it comes to extensions, and an absolute sweetheart!

Read more about Taylor’s take on extensions below!


Why would someone consider extensions? Extensions help to take the damage of heat styling hair off the natural hair, and in return, will help hair grow. If you take proper care of extensions, you can reuse them for up to a year. 

Tell us about your favorite extension type: Tape-in extensions are my favorite by far. They consist of two wefts, sandwiched around a thin section of hair to give you a panels of gorgeous locks. Think about a weaving loom - "wefts” are the parallel threads that you start with before you weave. These extensions act as those threads, with your thin section of hair parallel in-between them. You can get tape-in extensions for volume, length, or both.

So, why are they your favorite? They cover more ground, lay flat to the scalp, easily hidden, AND reusable!

Ok, so what about the process. What does it look like to get extensions? You will need to ask your stylists about it before you actually want them put in. The stylist will match extensions to hair color for personalized ordering. Once they’re put in, extensions stay in 5-8 weeks, depending on your natural hair growth. You can shampoo, blow dry and style like natural hair. It’s pretty amazing.

Final question…how do they come out? Extensions have to be removed by a stylist. If you want them re-applied, the stylist will shampoo both the extensions and natural hair, apply new tape and install extensions back at the scalp. Easy!

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