#TeamTangles Feature: Morgan Myers, "up-do" Queen.

#TeamTangles begins with our staff of stylists and front desk team, but also continues to our clients as we offer excellence to our community through quality service and products. In an attempt to better acquaint our guests with our team of capable stylists, we are introducing them with a blog series. Welcome to #TeamTangles. It's good to have you with us. 


Morgan is a 4a stylist that has been with us at Tangles Salon for 10 years. She's our go-to stylist for all special event hairstyles. Morgan shines at ALL times but especially at Prom and wedding season. 

Read more about Morgan and her upstyle knowledge below! 

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Why do you love doing special occasion styling?

I love special occasion styling because honestly it’s something I don’t get to do behind the chair very often! It’s so different than color and design.  There nothing more gratifying than making someone love their reflection. Prom and wedding are two of the most memorable events in a girls life. I take great pride in making them look and feel their best so they won’t have to fret over the way they look and enjoy their special day!


Tell us how you started doing hair for special occasions.

I started doing hair at Tangles during the summer of 2008 but I didn’t really get into updos until the following prom season in spring of 09 and wedding season that same summer because 10 years ago fall weddings weren’t as popular! I practiced A LOT on mannequins in school and in the salon my first year. 


What is the most challenging part of doing special occasion hair?

I often get challenged by having to meld 2 or more pictures together that I’m shown during the consultation (example: “I love the way the front of this one looks but I like the braid in this picture and can we do this kind of bun in the back?”) but I love that because it personalizes your style and makes it more unique!


What are the tools you HAVE to have for a day of special occasion styling, and what are things for the guest to have to keep the style going?

My main go-to stylers are powder grip, fashion work 12, and pillow proof dry shampoo. For a guest, keeping a travel size hairspray (triple take or control addict) and a couple Bobby pins with you are so important for the little “uh-ohs” that are unfortunately inevitable. 


What are your special occasion styling inspirations?

Braids, half up, and low structured buns are always classic styles but I’m really into drawing inspiration from my hair icons Bridgette Bardot, Cindy Crawford, and Gwen Stefani for the upcoming season mashing them together to have 70s texture meet 90s flair meet supermodel glam. 


Any final words for us?

It all really comes down to what your hair will and will not do. Remember I’m no magician but I will do my very best to ensure you feel amazing!