#TeamTangles Feature: Alison Sloan, summer blonde upkeep

#TeamTangles begins with our staff of stylists and front desk team, but also continues to our clients as we offer excellence to our community through quality service and products. In an attempt to better acquaint our guests with our team of capable stylists, we are introducing them with a blog series. Welcome to #TeamTangles. It's good to have you with us. 


Alison Sloan

Alison Sloan is a Tangles ROCKSTAR and our resident Blonde expert. Her color work is superb and she's a LEADER on our team.

Read more about Alison and her blonde-upkeep knowledge below! 

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Let's start with basic blonde upkeep. Give us the low-down.

The process of making hair blonde requires some extra help in the strength and conditioning department. When we make you "blonde" we are breaking bonds in the hair that need protein supplements to build strength. In terms of Shampoo to fix this problem, Strength Cure from Pureology is what I use on all my blonde guests.


How about a good conditioner?

The leave-in conditioner I use is Colour Fanatic by Pureology to detangle and soften. This product also has a UVB and UVA protector for sun health! It helps to protect from the sun by not letting your hair get too blonde or dry out. You can just leave to air-dry or style it in. 


What are the most effective ways we can care for blonde hair in the summer months?

There are some basic care tricks that will make all the difference with keeping your blonde fresh with all the summer fun activities, and then there are products that will give a little extra boost.


Tell us more about the tips and tricks without product.

My favorite tip is to wet your hair with regular water FRIST before you get in the pool or ocean. This small action can keep hair from drying out or dying green. Wearing a hat is an easy way to keep the sun from affecting your color, especially for those with darker roots...sometimes the sun can blast out the color and cause for a touch-up sooner than normal.


Ok, now give us the product secrets:

Whenever you go to the pool or ocean and expect your hair to get wet, put Redken's One United in your beach bag and use it to detangle after getting in. Then just let it air-dry - it'll help keep your hair manageable after getting wet.


Any final words for us?

A product anyone should be using for heat protectant is Redken's Pillow Proof primer. It's easy for the hair to look dull and this product will keep the hair from drying out while also making it shiny when it's put up against the heat!

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